Sample Schema or snippet or google rich results in 2021

Sample schema or snippet codes or google rich results for better SEO with sample codes  #1 Star rating schema json-ld

Schema sample codes «


Create anime tagalog dubbed blogs - tagalog tutorials

Step by step kong pano gumawa ng sariling anime tagalog dub blog or websites ng libre. Gamit ang tutorial nato, dimona kailangan pang mag download at mag upload ng mga videos sayong sites or blogs.   Tutorial » Anime Tagalog tutorial «


Create your own Anime Tagalog blogs without uploading videos

Here's the best way to start creating a anime tagalog movies and seiries blogs without uploading videos. This steps is embeding the video to your sites/blogs. Tutorials: Create your blog sites, you » Anime tagalog Blogs «


Backlinks by via comment from the forum or website

Her some tips to increase your website backlinks and rank faster on any search engine tools like google and bings, This tips and tricks is free. What is backlinks and why is very important? A backlink is a link » Backlinks «


The best way to hack adf.ly and earn money online

Here's the best and alternative ways to hack the views on adfly shortining links on android phone using fingler traffic bot app. Step by step:  Goto adfly website login or register (i recommend use dummy accoun » Fingler Tools «


How to convert string to integer in android programitically

I have a problem regarding on my string code i want to convert the string value to integer.  example: String wea = "samole123vsh454"; now i want to get the integer value online » Fox669 «


How to get email addresses while fetching google contacts in angular 10

I am trying to get email of google contacts using people API and oAuth2.0. I am able to get all data except email. Any Suggestions » Honey Goel «


how to download video from youtube?

Hello my friend i have a question how to download videos on youtube in my android phone, no video downloader on playstore please suggeste me app » mikail «


How to upload or publish my aide ide project on Google playstore

I made my first android application using aide ide on my smartphone and complete signin the apk. now my problem how to upload my app on google playstore?? and how much per app upload? can i earn money whene i upload my app on playstore?? » Fastil y «


How to integrate in-app purschase in AIDE IDE (Billing)

After complete integrating admob ads on my aide ide project my next goal is in app purchase to my application anyone can suggested library for me on how to add in purchase.


Im using anjlab v.3 library to achieve my goal but my » Csharp++ «

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