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is juicyads.com scam or legit site? adults advertising network

simok     2020-12-11     165

Juicyads is a adults advertising network. Minimum payout is $25 for paypal, paxum, epayservices and $100 for ACH and $500 for wire transfer.
About this website:
We believe Advertising should be Sexy, that's why we are the Sexy Advertising Network. We hold our Publishers to a higher standards than your average network, and we only sell advertising and traffic that we would buy ourselves -- ensuring higher quality than you'll find elsewhere. Through over a decade of experience and relationships, we have become the #1 Rated Adult Advertising Network because we are dedicated to the profits of our clients rather than our own. We handle all client needs with as much integrity as possible and always striving to make things right.
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These site is legit i already receave my first payment, sometimes it take 2-3 days before your withdrawal arrive to your account, register here for additional bunos for begginer Juicyads.com

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