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Ran online for android download and install - walk online apk pinoy developer

walk online     2020-12-12     514


ABOUT: WALK ONLINE MOBILE is an MMORPG dev’d by EU Technologies. A 3d game which offers PvP, Party, and more. Set in schools and cities where players take the role of student/trainee in 3 different Universities who protect different areas from evil forces.

Available Character class:

  • Archer type
  • Swordmans
  • Browler
  • Shaman

Download links Pre-registration:

  1. (Google Playstorehttps://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.light.walkonlinedev
  2. Official website: https://walkonlinemobile.com

Note:  This game underdevelopment some bugs need to fix.

Comment below, what your experience regarding these game??

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Ok sana lods kaso marami pqpong problema sa loob ng games minsan doon palang sa login may problema na "Connot connect to server" kaya minsan di ako maka login., at midyo lag din

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