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Magic traffic bot on android version?

MTB android     2020-12-12     686


The un official magic traffic bot for android, this tools develop trafficBot and this not belong to pc version but almost same function on desktop ver.

App feature & function:

  1. Unique and customized refferal url.
  2. Customize Refer Keywords
  3. Customize Useragent.
  4. Unlimited traffic.
  5. Fast gerator
  6. Easy to use.
  7. No account need. (no registration).
  8. Free

⬇️ Download  version 3.0


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Comments 5


Almost same on the pc Version nice keep a good work.


Best traffic bot for android very nice 👍


Almost same on the pc Version nice keep a good work.


Hello Sir , You App Is Amazing It Really Provides Traffic .. I tested it on my website .. It is working .. I have few Feedback for you to improve your app ... 1. There Is A bug or something because of that referral mode is not working .. I had tested on goo.gl and it is showing unknown referrer ... Please fix this 2. Can you please provide a option in which user can add own proxy list so that every visit will be from unique location .. Sir , these are two suggestions ..please fix this problem .. Then your app will deserves 5 stars .. I am waiting for update and also the to give your app 5 star


Thanks you X developer ! It's a really good app to help out with and it really works well ! Tho I don't want to share it because I don't want others to have this good thing at all . And thanks for making this app ! 😊

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