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Wild ones mobile games for android and ios free download

wild ones games     2020-12-12     642


From the depths of the gritty sandmaze to the dankness of the sloppy kitchen, you'll experience it all with a game that remains truthful to its origins and throws the unexpected at you when you're least expecting it!

  • Download link Google Playstore
  • Total download: 100,000+
  • version: 1.03
  • Offer by: THE LABS
  • Star rating: 3.3
  • Android required: 4.3 and up

IOS version is not available!!

7 answers
642 votes

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Comments 7


Pleaseee! Try to fix the loading screen. When it reaches about 25% of the loading bar, then it crashes. I don't know if someone could run the game. Also I don't if it's my mobile phone. I guess this game e can run with low resources, but I don't know. I would like to get logs from the app when runni...

-- GooglePlay review


They still need to upgrade many things, after installing the game in Beta i didnt even get the chance to play it. After starting a match i get stuck in lag or loading area and didnt get to play the game. Also the graphics needs some fixing i feel the lag. I hope they fix this xuz i really want to en...

- Googleplay Reviews


It's a five star for me because I can understand the bugs due to being in beta version right now and I hope that in the future the game will improve. I played one game and the enemy just stood there and did nothing then exited the game. I cant press the jumping crate in the lobby. All in all, the ga...

- GooglePlay Reviews


So far you made multiplayer work but there is so much work to do for the game to be as good as the facebook version. This game has potential but it needs more work on everything amd the progress system because I think its unfair to soawn with 99+ high damage items. One more thing, being able to dest.


Even tho the game is released for god knows how much it seems like the latest patch was the one that actually made it working the game is pretty underdeveloped but ads work just fine this only visually close to original wild ones everything else is so bad there is no point in playing the game you si...


when i was a kid i really like this game, but i was disappointed. why always have ads after the game? only 2 players can play not 5v5, it's so fun if its 5v5 and need adjustment of damage every weapon, already have 100k+ installed the game. I hope the dev. Will improve the shop store, the pets, 


When I came across this game I was really excited to see my childhood game be on the play store. When I started the game it told me there was a maintenance on the server, okay I waited for a bit and now... It just tells me to update because there's a new version. But lo and behold, in the playstore?

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