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Cpanel Error client denied by server configuration

namecheap user     2020-12-20     494


I have a problem on my one subdomain and im using namecheap.com as my provider. here the main problem i encounter.

  • error_log file still increase every single minutes the error_log increase 1gb even i delete the file. the error_log still there and consuming more space.
  • When i check my cpanel » error here the results :  Latest web server error  log message: " [Fri Dec 18 08:43:22.190401 2020] [authz_core:error] [pid 483384:tid 140019775772416] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /home/blashblah/blahblah/error_log "  And the  Latest suexec error log message: [2020-10-18 06:11:52]: uid: (3822/blahh) gid: (3495/blahh) cmd: redirect.cgi
    [2020-10-17 13:17:41]: uid: (3822/blah) gid: (3495/blah) cmd: redirect.cgi
    [2020-10-17 12:17:25]: uid: (3822/blah) gid: (3495/blahh) cmd: index.html
    [2020-10-17 12:17:25]: uid: (3822/blahh) gid: (3495/blahh) cmd: index.html
     this error point in my one subdomain thats why i delete the subdomain, but the error still there.
  • CPU Usage 99/100
  • Entry Processes 16/20
  • Whene i visit my website sometimes i receave a error "RESOURCE LIMIT"

Sorry for my bad english.. 

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Tags:   client denied by server configuration, Error_logs files increase.
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