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Star Rating tools online for blogger wordpress php and html

Star Rating tools online     2021-01-25     3901


Online free star rating snippet tools for blogger and wordpress sites, include the total rating, rating value, product , description etc.. These script generate base on the online tutorial, and test using Structured Data testing tool by google


  • Star rating (Snippet Schema and UI)
  • Product schema snippet tools
  • Sitelink - search box schema snippet
  • Facebook Page like and share button widget
  • Facebook pages like post widget
  • Youtube subscribe button including: Channel name, total subscriber and channel avatar/icon

Free sample schema / snippet / rich codes:

  1. Star rating example code json-ld (sample & nested codes)
  2. Breadcrumblist schema example code json-ld snippet
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) schema example code json-ld snippet
  4. Sitelink - search box sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)
  5. Organization sample schema - snippet codes (json-ld)
  6. Person sample schema - snippet codes (json-ld)
  7. Question and Answer (QandA) sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)
  8. Article sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)
  9. Blogpost sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)
  10. Course sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)
  11. Howto sample code schema - snippet (json-ld)

For more details visit these blogs: Star Rating tools online


Don't forgot to follow the important guidlines:


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If you have a problem please ragarding this tools please follow the video tutorial here » Star rating tools video tutorials, This video will teach you in the basic ways.


For more details visit our online star rating script here: https://star-rating-for-blogger.blogspot.com/ these tools is free, support multiple format..


Don't forgot to read the 3 guidlines to avoid problem in the future. Google Technical guidlines, Webmaster guildlines and General Structured guidlines 

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