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Tagalog anime archive list free to watch online Anime tambayan lisy

Anime Tagalog Tambayan     2021-02-14     1167


A new online tagalog dubbed series and movies free to watch over 5,000 videos include the movies. Some videos may remover, but more of the list is still active free to watch..

Here archive links: https://tagalogdubbedarchive.blogspot.com/

Here the following content list:

  • Assassination Classroom tagalog
  • Sword art online Tagalog Dub
  • My hero academia Tagalog Dub
  • Shaman King Tagalog Dub
  • Himouto Umaro Chan Tagalog Dub
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Tagalog Dub
  • One Piece Tagalog Dub
  • Flame of Recca Tagalog Dub
  • Black Blood Brother Tagalog Dub
  • Detective Conan Tagalog Dub
  • Naruto Tagalog Dub
  • Hunter x Hunter Tagalog Dub
  • Dragon Ball Tagalog Dub
  • Hajime no Ippo Tagalog Dub
  • Coyote Ragtime Tagalog Dub
  • Slam Dunk Tagalog Dub
  • Elemental Gelade Tagalog Dub
  • Street Fighter Tagalog Dub
  • KonoSuba Tagalog Dub
  • Marco Tagalog Dub
  • Gintama Tagalog Dub
  • Special A Serieas tagalog dubbed
  • Samurai Tagalog Dub
  • and more (Tinamad lang ako mag encode dito ng list.. piro madami papo ito)



  1. How to watch the video from this blog?
  2. - Choose the anime series, from right side of your screen, and wait to load the anime list.
  3. Is this blog support download?
  4. No.

Enjoy watching the tagalog dub versions.

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Ito poyong complete list visit nalang dito sa link nato. https://tagalogdubbedarchive.blogspot.com/

- Regards blog uploaders

To watch the videos goto right side of the screen and select the anime series that you want to watch and wait a few seconds to load the list.. thin click episode list ..

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