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Top tiktok god sa Malita Davao Occidental

Malitaño Tiktokerz     2021-02-16     71


Mao ni ang top tikors sa Malita Davao occidental. Na active hantod karon. sila ang panaka kusgan sa Spamast na tiktokers 😎😎 ang mo palag mag comment lang sa ubos, para walay bun-og.

Zahyr Yosuff a.k.a Tiktok Gods 6.0 or code name: Mr hugutiro 🙄🙄.

Bryan Rojas Tiktokaster v.5.0 tiktok master with photoshop expert.

John rey uy a.k.a Mr.Dole hahhahahah

Kinsa pa inyong nahibaw-an na tiktokers e comment lang sa ubos.

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Comments 3


Pag sinabing gwapo gian agad?


Langi leave the group chat 🙃🙃🙃


Pag ingnon gani tiktokers ay walay lain si jake bano dayon. wala nay lain

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