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Create your own Anime Tagalog blogs without uploading videos

Anime tagalog Blogs     2021-02-16     180


Here's the best way to start creating a anime tagalog movies and seiries blogs without uploading videos. This steps is embeding the video to your sites/blogs.


  1. Create your blog sites, you can use blogger.com or wordpress.com these two sites is free. i refer blogger.com instead of wordpress. 
  2. Goto leaks.work/video/ and click the anime series that you want to emded inside in your blog. Scroll down look for embed codes.
  3. Back to your blog goto post- Create new post- open as a html editor and paste the codes from leaks.work/video/ next click the submit. (you can change the video width and height of the videos.)
  4. Done. Share your new blogs.

Other easy ways without. using copy paste methods.

  1.  Goto these blog https://tagalogdubbedarchive.blogspot.com use the inspect element. and copy all codes.
  2. Open notepad and paste the code from the blog , customized the code.
  3. Goto blogger create new blog. 
  4. Goto theme and change the into orange. and change mobile type to desktop only also switch to default theme.
  5. After change the theme into the default --classic theme--. click the the Edit html and paste the codes.
  6. Done...


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A great example of anime tagalog blogs with leaks.work videos library for free. https://tagalogdubbedarchive.blogspot.com

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