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GPS Map Camera Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location

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GPS Map Camera 
Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location
Whether you are a traveler or photographer who usually visits different-different places and loves to explore the world can use this application to its best. As, while traveling this application allows you to take images with various amazing stamps that are being added to your captured images. 
Those various amazing stamps that are being added by this wonderful application are:- 
    Date-Time Stamps
    Map Stamp 
    Latitude Stamp
    Longitude Stamp
    Altitude Stamp
    Weather Stamp
    Magnetic Field
    Compass As A Stamp

Live Tracker GPS MAP Camera Application:
This Application can also be defined as a Live tracker camera application as one can easily add its current GPS Location with street/places to its captured images and can be easily shared with their friends, family, relatives, or clients, etc…
Easy to add stamps or tags to the images:
Previously we use to add stamps to the images for memorizing those wonderful moments. But adding stamps manually to the images was very time-consuming and good knowledge of image editing was required. But after the GPS Map Camera Application adding stamps is as easy as capturing images. And mainly there is no knowledge of image editing is required anyone can easily add or remove them as per their requirements.

In-App Camera Of GPS Map Camera Application Contains Various Amazing Options For Us To Set The Camera As Per Our Requirements.
Those camera settings include:-
    Grid Formats,
    Ratio Of Images,
    Front & Rear Camera,
    Flash, 
    Focus,
    Mirror Image,
    Timer Camera,
    Capture & Supports.

while adding Map to the captured images as a stamp the GPS Map Camera App gives us various options of Map types that can be added to the images as a stamp for a better look and better experience.

Those Map Types are:
    Normal Map,
    Satellite Map,
    Terrain Map,
    And Hybrid Map.

On adding temperature to the stamps GPS Map camera provides us two different formats of temperature that are:-
    Celsius,
    And Fahrenheit

Who Can Use This Amazing Application At Its Best?
GPS Map Camera App can also be effectively used by individuals having destination celebrations of events like:
o    Wedding,
o    Birthday,
o    Festivals,
o    Anniversaries, Etc…

It Can also be used by a person having outstation:
o    Meetings,
o    Conferences,
o    Conclaves, 
o    Meetings,
o    Events, Etc…

Using the GPS Map Camera Application you can easily add all the various stamps into your images in just one click so have this app on your device and start adding stamps on your images.

You can add a stamp template to your images in  the easiest way you can use this application

So as you can see you can easily add or remove the various stamps template to your images as per your requirements.

Saving file names can also be customized as per your requirements using this amazing GPS Map Camera Application.

So, what are you waiting for enjoy this amazing app today!!!
Download Now On Your Android Or IOS Device.

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