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How to Make Confetti with React KHP TECHNICS

Unknown     10/26/2021 01:14:08    409    Share

How to Create a Simple yet Breathtaking Gradient with React-Confetti Component: Learn how to create gradients in React.

A cool react component that adds an animated confetti effect to any element.

Blow Their Minds With This Interactive Confetti Installation

Looking for a simple, lightweight, customizable confetti popper? 

The Easiest Way to Add Animated Confetti to Your React App

An easy and fun way to add confetti and effects to any ReactJS application

react-confetti is for anyone who uses React and wants to save time by not having to think about styling.

React can style components with CSS, but sometimes you might want to throw in a bit of JavaScript. Or throw in a bit more JavaScript. react-confetti is designed to make throwing in JavaScript easier, more flexible, and debuggable.

react-confetti is the most advanced, easy-to-use party streamer in the world, and it's fully customizable! You can change the colors of any or all of the streamers by dragging color swatches around. The GIF confetti will replace the default images when you're done adjusting them. The default confetti show will last for 25 seconds - any number of items may be shown during that time (including none).

react-confetti is a simple jQuery plugin that will allow you to easily apply confetti to your React project. It's lightweight, easy to use, and comes with various ways of applying confetti to your application. The plugin works on both the server and the client-side.