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How do I put a date stamp on my photos?

Unknown     10/26/2021 02:22:55    96    Share

From the candid snapshot to ad campaign photoshoot and all over in between ‘Mobile Phone Photography’ has developed rapidly since last decade! Do you remember the time when we used to regret not having DSLR cameras on special occasions?

But, the time has changed! Today you can cheerfully say that your phone camera is best because it’s always with you. Whether you are hanging out with friends, having a delicious meal, or just sitting on the beach and enjoying a beautiful sunset, it helps you to fill the suitcase of memories just with a single click!

To enhance the charisma of pictures, several photo editing apps are available, but nothing like stamping applications. Here, I’m going to introduce you to an exceptionally awesome Android application ‘Auto Stamper for Camera Photos 2019’!

‘Uniqueness’ is the most crucial thing which is required for any photo to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of people. Well! this photography application wrap up four primary functionality which can make your pictures more attractive with stylish watermark stamps like never before!

1) Watermark Logo:

As the trend of sharing photographs on various social media platforms has increased, so can easily “steal” photographs! Someone is working hard to snap the best he can and on the other side, someone just promoted himself using the art of others. That’s so unfair! Isn’t it?

This watermarking feature is simply a way to sign your art and protect them from being misused by others!

Tip: Great tool for businesses!

2) Date and Timestamp:

A stamp that plays a significant role to relive the moment that you have captured long ago!

Tip: It can be also used for collecting a strong proof)

3) Text on Photo:

Formally: It can help to markup business photographs with accurate brand name as well as company name stamp to it.

Informally: For adding Birthday/Anniversary titles, quotations, or any other caption!

4) GPS Stamp:

- Do you love exploring new places? Thisautostamper is for you!

- Or, have you just started a new service or business? Planning to post an image on social media for promotion? You should not forget to add your business location tag on it!

What can be more awesome than getting all these four stamps in a single application! ‘Auto stamper’ facilitates some stunning features worth looking at:

• 'Stamp Size' can be easily increased ( A) or Decreased (- A).

• Set of rich ‘Font Formats' to make the stamp look more elegant in the picture!

• 'Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right', you can pick any 'Stamp Position'!

• You can also add ‘colors’ to your stamps.

That’s not all! There is relatively much more… !!!

How to use this amazing Auto Stamper app?

There isn’t any rocket science! Just download this app from the play store, and follow these:

1) Open the app,

2) Swipe On ‘AutoStamper Toggle’,

3) Customize ‘Date & Time, Location, and Signature Stamp’,

4) Select an appropriate Brand Logo,

5) Now capture a picture from the built-in camera of your device, and the stamp will be added to it!

Note: Make sure that Auto Stamper is running in the background.

Click here to check out this video to help you understand more about Auto Stamper.

Are you already an active user of ‘Auto Stamper’? Do share your experience by reviewing this app!

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