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Unknown     01/29/2022 12:27:57    311    Share is now a scam micro wallet.. on december 24 2021 the micro wallet has run away with all your crypto currency. the site went offline and the site maintenance message shows to the visitor.

- Our database server currently cannot recognize the primary and backup disk. The entire ExpressCrypto technical team working on the system recovery.


- 2021-12-28: Transfer hard disks to special recovery company.
- 2021-12-29: Special recovery company working on the restoration of both disks.
- 2022-01-04: Due to the holidays, there is no update from the company.
- 2022-01-19: We have received the final response from the recovery company.


Due to this situation we will process to the liquidation of balances, fill out the form with the required informations.

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It definitely looks like exit scam. Ok, they gave 10 days to fill form, probably only smart part of users will fill form if they will remember their user ID. But how they're going pay out funds if they don't have any data? I can put some random ID and tell that I had $100 on my ballance. How they will know that user really had that money on his account? These things don't make much sense.
Filling form is only option left, but there isn't much hope left. Well, but you don't have more to lose than you already lost


I filled out the form the first day it became available, and I haven’t received anything yet, although they claim the return process began on January 24, 2022.


Even you send a message from her mail they dont response any message. Also the official twitter account of expresscrypto the message is disable