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Do you have Accounts, Data, Leaks, Digital Products To Sell?

Unknown     05/29/2022 12:37:30    226    Share

Leaks.Shop will be opening very soon and the first Vendors will be able to submit Shop Applications starting May 30/31 and Last Until Public Beta Release on/around June 6 2022.

A Moderated Marketplace platform to Buy & Sell ANY Digital Products! This includes Account Logins for any and ever website possible, Cracking Content, Hacking Content, Combos, Databases, Source Leaks, Ecodes, ALL Digital Products (files,scripts,templates, ebooks, guides, subscriptions, etc).

Never worry about grinding your shop, getting lots of Feedback & Sales Stats only to have your shop banned for selling the content you are selling. There are very items that we don't allow (child porn, hiring hitmen or selling drugs (sorry bout the drugs one, too much legal risks from supporting trafficing) are a few restricted items). All these listed, plus full terms agreement available with actual launch.

This is a good way to create your Digital Shop and have your products displayed to the entire community and requires way less marketing on your part. People come to Leaks.Shop specifily to buy the content you already have, all thats left is to list it for sell!


IMPORTANT: For the “Beta” Launch of Leaks.Shop, all approved Vendors will be hand selected and allowed to access the website up to 1 Week before the general public.

All selected Vendors will be expected to be experienced Digital Vendors who can provide High Quality content to customers.


We are looking for Digital Vendors who are already selling using Self Hosted or Remote Platform Solutions for selling the main types of items we want listed: Leaked Content, Accounts, Combos, Proxies, Databases, etc.

We are looking for Digital Vendors who can show proof of work, link to current projects, showcase stats and community involvement. Vendors who enjoy selling the products they do. Vendors who know the product and stand behind their product, to ensure customers are sold ONLY Valid, Working Products.

We are looking for Digital Vendors who create or source ONLY High Quality content and don't settle for shipping customers subpar products. All Products Shipped MUST BE CHECKED right before sending, to ENSURE customers aren't being sold Lines from a Text File containing Account Logins that were last checked last year. We require Vendors whom wish to continue selling on Leaks.Shop to hold a certain standard to Product Quality. If its not being met, ability to sell products is removed, permittally.


Way way more detail will be gone into when Applications to be one of the first to Sell products on the Leaks.Shop platform, also all choosen Vendors will have upgraded Listing & Payout Restrictions for Free Accounts.


If this sounds interesting make sure you bookmark and check back very soon for Vendor Applications or be there June 6th to purchase the best Accounts, Leak Content and Ecodes on the web at the most competetive prices with the Highest Quality [on average] Products. You won't be wasting your time with dead delievered accounts and spend your time using your purchased items!


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   Titles: Do you have Accounts, Data, Leaks, Digital Products To Sell?

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