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Chest Of Drawers

Unknown     06/27/2022 06:06:44    180    Share

Dressers have many different styles and functionalities. However, the most popular are all dressers, chest dressers, media chest dressers, and dressers with mirrors. All dressers and chest dressers are the most traditional type of this furniture and provides an ample amount of space to store your clothes and belongings.

On the other hand, if you are looking to maximize the available space in your room, media chest dressers and dressers with mirrors will provide additional storage. Media chest dressers are designed to provide plenty of space for a TV on top and may include a cubby area that can hold your cable box or other device. If you choose one with this feature, they also include a hole in the back to allow wiring to easily connect to your wall. In order to prevent tipping, we recommend that the dimension of the TV should not exceed the width of the dresser.

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